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Another Aurikku, considerably worse.

Ok, so this is crap, but I'm posting it because I want to post something and this isn't going to get any better. I need to stick with my more abstract style :D

Title: Childish
Summary: He gives her piggyback rides sometimes.

He gives her piggyback rides sometimes. The great Red Guardian, a legend in his own time, giving piggyback rides to a young Al Bhed girl, princess of a heathen people. Just think about those stuffy Yevonites getting a look at this! Ha!

Funnily enough, piggyback rides are the only the only times that Rikku manages to have manners. For instance, whenever she needs or wants a ride from anyone, she gets onto the nearest raised object and steps gently onto the person’s back. She never just jumps on someone without permission. It doesn’t feel right, you know? Unless it’s Brother, but then the initial idea is always less about getting a ride and more about making him fall on his butt. Which he always does. And it’s always great.

With Auron it started when she had hurt her ankle doing something… OK, so she had been caught stealing from some geezer on the road, but she wasn’t about to ruin her reputation by telling people that! She guessed that the others had decided that he, Red Boy himself, was the most able to keep up with the group while carrying the extra weight, and so she had been slung unceremoniously over his shoulder to be bounced around as they kept up a steady jog. No way was she gonna say that her tummy hurt or her feet were going numb. Nuh-uh. Nope. Not Rikku. So she waited it out for a few days, until he started noticing. And he noticed and noticed until she couldn’t take it anymore. She was just about to snap and breakdown and whine when without even asking, he walked over to a rock, still with her over his shoulder, and set her down on it. Before she could ask a question, he had turned, presenting his back to her and curled his right arm a little, making a little harness for her little leg. Huh. Well. At that point, what else was there for her to do but slip her leg in and wrap her arms around his shoulders?

And now, every once in a while, Rikku steps up on a rock and waits, and he always comes to her. She and he both know that the others see it as a man indulging a girl’s whims, but they know better. When she’s settled down and they’re moving again, Rikku leans forward, whispering stories and jokes into Auron’s ear, and she can feel his near-silent chuckles through his back, and feel a hidden smile against her cheek.
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